General Queries

1. Do I have to input my trip details everyday even for regular commute.
No, you can post your repeat offer for ride and your ride would become LIVE everyday same time. You would need to come on app only when you get a ping from the rider.
2. Can I choose to offer ride one day and take ride another day.
3. Is there a fixed time at which I have to leave.
4. Do I have to necessarily go with the person who you recommend.
5. What are the payment options.
6. Why do you only have Paytm as payment option.
7. Who can offer a ride
8. Who is Rider.
9. How does PCP calculate the cost to be shared by Rider.
10. Does PCP charge anything for its services.
11. What about safety and security.


1. Would car owner pick me up from my start location and drop me to my destination.

Depending on the availability, our matching algorithm would present to you the ride partner, with pickup and drop points closest to your intended start and end points as possible. For each matching, you can check out distance of pickup/drop points from your intended start/end points and ping accordingly.

2. How much do I need to wait for ride partner.
3. How would I pay to the car owner
4. What if my phone’s internet is not working at the time of payment.

Car Owners

1. Why should I offer ride to anyone.

As a person going by private self driven or chauffer driver car, by offering ride to someone, you get a familiar travel companion, contribute your two bits for reduction in traffic and also save on cost

2. Do I need to take detour to pickup Rider.
3. Do I need to wait for Rider at pickup location.
4. When should I post offer for ride on the system.