It is time!

Unlike earlier generations, the current generation in India is quite open to concepts like car pooling and is willing to set aside their inhibitions and experiment.

Why is the car pooling not as famous as it should be?

Now you might wonder, for a concept to be so beneficial why aren’t there many going in favor of it. While there is no absolute protest against it, people generally are not very keen on sharing rides with other commuters in a car. We are living in a society where the norms dictate us to be wary of strangers. And it is not easy to come out of comfort zone, and socialize with others.

Other benefits of car pooling

Car pooling, the concept is not just friendly to your pocket. But it can benefit you in multiple other ways

Why car pooling?

Yes, the first option people would suggest is to take public transport, either a bus or a train to reach where they want to.